My Experience:


Guardian's Way

Life Coach

Horsemanship Sensitivity Trainer

Ocala, Florida 


Business Owner

Guardians Farm & Guardian’s Way Horsemanship

2006 – 2014

Cape Coral, FL

Foundational Groundwork
Liberty Groundwork 
Freestyle Riding
Trail Riding
Overcoming Fear
New Horse Owners with Relationship Enhancement
Balanced Riding for the beginner
Hunter / Jumper
Local horse showing opportunities

Horse Training-
Mental, Emotional and physical rehabilitation for abused horses, wild horses and burnt out athletes. 
Show preparation 

Programs -
Free Horse Program
Small Farm operation Training
Volunteer Training program
Horse Care for new owners
Pre-purchase education for potential owners
Trail training
Psychological Classes and Clinics of the Horse
Educational Classes for low income horse owners (who could not afford a trainer)

Classes and clinics offered-
New Horse Program/Class/Clinic
God’s Plan for us and horses
7 Keys to Success 
Body Language
6 Human Needs
Energy Awareness - Human Body Language
Life Lessons - Understanding Yourself through Horses, what they teach us
People Personalities - Understanding yourself
Prey / Predator - What does the horse need
The Mind of a Horse - relationships
Sensitizing / Desensitizing
Horse Personalities
Problems and Solutions 
Matching Personalities
Unshakable Confidence
Connection - Undemanding time, Moving feet, Pasture buddy
Leadership Skills - Assertive vs. Aggressive 
The Importance of Ground Work
Abused Horses - Repairing the damage

Farm facility services to the general public-
Wedding receptions
Camping retreats
Birthday parties
Summer camps

Business Owner

Jennifer Johnson Horsemanship and Training

2002 – 2006

LocationFt. Myers, FL

Trail Riding
Natural Horsemanship Lessons
Gymkhana Training and Showing


Parelli International Study Center

Field Of Study-Natural Horsemanship

Dates attended 2002 – 2014
Graduate - Levels I - 3 

On Campus Studies:
Liberty and Horse Behavior
Level 1- 4 Patterns
The Game of Contact
Moving in Harmony 
Riding with Purpose 
The Truth 
Advancing your Communication 
Fluidity I Freestyle 
Liberty and Horse Behavior 
Level 2 
Level 1-2 
Clinics with Parelli professionals Don and Rachel Jessop: level two and advancing into level three.

Professional Horsemanship Study

Psychology Based Horse Training


Trainers Studied Include:
Pat and Linda Parelli
Tom Dorrance
Ray Hunt
Buck Brannaman
Monty Roberts
John Lyons
Clinton Anderson

Volunteer and Horse Training


Special Equestrians, Inc.

Ft. Myers, FL

*Trained volunteers weekly for a period of one year in the education of the nature of the horse and successful handling skills leading to a safer environment for the horses, handlers and special needs students in the arena. 
*Worked with the staff on how to train horses who had confidence issues within the activities needed to perform their jobs. Both in the sensory area of the facility and the crane used to help students mount.
*Worked with the staff to have daily techniques that promote a happier atmosphere for the horse to keep them happy in their job as opposed to becoming burnt out reducing the turnover of horses in their program.

Naples Equestrian Challenge

Naples, FL

*Served as a guest trainer for both special needs students and volunteers. 
*Assisted in the introduction of horses joining the program with confidence issues.

Suncoast Performance Horse Club

2006 – 2007

*Hosted, operated and sponsored natural horsemanship classes


SW Florida Horseman's Association


*Board Member from 2004-2005


Southwest Florida Horse Rescue

*Demonstration on how to interact with a horse for the first time who had no prior human experience or an abused history.

*Demonstration on how to get your horse to come to you without having to "catch" him.
*Sponsored 2 year old horses in for 7 months of training who had minimal and no handling. 2 Geldings and 1 Mare. Training included daily tasks needed, trailer loading, full desensitization with obstacles and preparation for riding. 
*Volunteer training with students who were interested in future volunteering with rescue organizations