Also About Me

Action Craft Inc.


Manufacturer of :

Action Craft, Coastline & Coastal Bay Boats

Employed from 1993 – 2004

Assistant to Vice President


*Involved in weekly company departmental management meetings. 
*Served as a company representative at fishing tournaments and boat shows.
*Traveled with the company to out of town endeavors serving as a stand in for the vice president when he was unable to accompany the president. These endeavors were those such as the Florida Keys *Annual Tournament for Cystic Fibrosis where we donated a boat every year to the cause. Other endeavors examples I participated in was flying to the Bahamas and assisting in the production of Alex Suescun’s television show Tarpon Bay Tales. We sponsored his show by providing him with a boat under contract every year.


Assistant to Marketing Director

*Website creation and management for the Action Craft Inc., Coastline and Coastal Bay websites
*Assisted and worked into the complete designing of marketing ads for magazines such as Florida Sportsman, Saltwater Sportsman, Coastal Angler and many local publications.
*Assisted in managing our Captains and dealer ads coop program.. 
*Prepared materials for new model year dealers manuals and public retail distribution 
*Project manager for various boat shows locally and as large as the Miami Boat Show.
*Project manager for annual owners tournament held in various locations each year. This included but was not limited to finding sponsors, handling registrations, organizing and setting up venues, and overseeing all other aspects. This project was planned for a year in advance and included 200 or more boat owners of our company.


Human Resources Director


*Met with potential employees for first interview and passed on prospective employee leads to the appropriate hiring departments.
*Assisted in writing employee manual and maintaining it to current standards.
*Research and development for maintaining company morale within the each department.


Production Manager Assistant


*Project manager for creating Standard Operating Procedure manuals and flow charts for each job position within the production department.
*Served as the bridge for the production, purchasing and sales departments
*Assisted in scheduling the flow of each boat within the production department based on shipping needs and parts availability


Safety Manager


*Worked in conjunction with local fire department, off site company safety engineer, local health department and OSHA.
*Prepared information to deliver to engineer for required permitting for the company.
*Filed actual reports needed for the City, County and OSHA annually
*Kept records of all safety equipment on the production floor and around the building and maintenance of that equipment.
*Worked with department manager to correct violations within our facility 
*Maintained MSDS (material safety data sheets) 
*Enforced use of safety equipment and organized employee safety management training. Including handling of hazardous materials and the safety equipment required.


Customer Service Department Manager


*Assisted upper management in the decision to create the customer service department as an individual department apart from the responsibilities being handled by the purchasing department
*Implementation of setting up the department independently at which time I became the manager
*Tracking profitability and preparing reports
*Invoicing clients and preparing reports for the accounting department
*Review of employee attendance and quality of work for reviews
*Scheduled incoming boats from retail customers 
*Scheduled incoming boats from dealers for warranty repairs
*Scheduled incoming boat priority according to the immediate need of the client
*Worked directly with the purchasing department to order parts and supplies for the departmental needs
*Worked directly with the purchasing department in reference to parts that can be warranted based on the manufacturer of the parts
*Ensuring proper labeling of shipments to clients according to shipping company requirements (box size, packing material, hazardous material labeling)
*Attended all boat shows and tournaments to build rapport with the clients who purchased our boats and would possibly need future services from our department. 
*Often we saw existing customers at boat shows and tournaments. They would order parts that they needed from us on the spot. In return I submitted parts orders to the purchasing department for processing upon our return.

Purchasing Department Manager


*Transition from manual to computer generated purchasing and inventory management. The company tried 3 different programs before they found an all inclusive program that would work for all departments within the company.
*Worked with the upper management to determine what brand names and specific products would be used to offer as options on the following model year of boats.
*Worked with the accounting department to be sure that warranty credit from the parts manufacturer was issued.
*Worked with the marketing and customer service department to prepare kits for boat shows and tournaments available for retail sale to customers. 
*Noted the results for quality of product, returned parts and accuracy of lead times for all vendors. This was used for reference in future transactions and in meetings with the sale person of that company.
*Made appointments with the sales people of the vendors we were using as well as any potential vendors we may want to use in the future. The primary subject of these meetings were to address any current concerns and reduce product cost via negotiation and/or quantity commitments.
*Organized and implemented a “Production Kit” system for the parts going into the different departments of production. This included a standard operating procedure for pulling the kits and distributing them. Prior to this system employees had to pull their own parts from inventory. Creating and implementing this system benefited the company in many ways. 
It drastically reduced the amount of parts that came up missing from inventory. 
It saved production employees time away from their work on the production floor which resulted in shorter lead times. 
It enabled us to notify our production manager in advance if a part for production was back-order which directly effected the flow of production.


Assistant Purchasing Agent

At the time I was hired all paperwork was done manually. A computer system had not yet been implemented for the company as a whole. 
*Called suppliers to place inventory orders
*Matched packing slips to received shipments ensuring the order was correct and there were no damaged parts
*Handled incoming shipments including hazardous materials
*Operations of fork lift when needed for loading and unloading
*Processed shipment paperwork that was to go to the accounting department
*Notified Purchasing manager of parts back-ordered
*Assisted in inventory management by doing manual counts on inventory in stock
*Packaged and shipped returns to the manufacturers for wrong parts, damaged parts and warranty returns and performed follow up phone calls required to ensure the credit would be given to our account from the vendor
*Took calls and processed incoming orders for the retail and dealer clients
*Shipped customer service parts orders to retail clients and dealers
*Ensured the satisfaction of clients with the customer service orders with follow up calls