You've been praying for answers, God brought you here.


I offer christian life coaching to women in the areas of life and relationships. 

We start by getting clear about what things in life are working and which are not working. Digging in to what needs to change.

Then we set goals with a realistic plan to changing the things that are not working. 

This is coaching that increases self-awareness and focuses on skills that will serve throughout life. It will actually change your thinking patterns.

I have successfully navigated difficult times and developed a plan and a strategies to use that keep my focus on God's plan for my life. Here are some of the obstacles I have overcome that now help me to help others with these issues.


I live with mental illness both depression and bipolar.

I am a suicide survivor.

I've been homeless twice and had to get back on my feet without financial help. 

I was born to teenage parents. 

I was a teenage mother and had 2 children before I was 20. 

I now have a 4 year old autistic little boy that I am raising. 

Growing up I had divorced parents on both sides of the tracks. 

I had a 15 year marriage and have gone through a divorce with a diagnosed narcissist.

I've been a business owner 4x over. 

Through all of this God has been with me, showing me the books to read, the videos to study, the courses to take and the mentors to learn from. I am committed to never ending self improvement. I know that God has never left me. I'm on this path now because I believe that this is what God wants me to do. He wants me to tell people that he loves them and show them that there is an easier and more peaceful way to live. We can never get away from the bad things in this world. But we can learn how to live with joy, peace and hope. 



The obstacles I have overcome in my life led me to want to help people be the best form of themselves that they can possibly be. It breaks my heart to see people suffer in any form of suffering. Helping God's children to live the life that he meant for them to have is what gives me most pleasure in life. I have had many difficulties that God has seen me through. Peace is possible for anybody.  I know how to help people find that peace and live it to the fullest of their life everyday. Once you have something that works in your own life so well you can't wait to give it away. This is what I do. There is nothing else I would rather be doing. 


It's hard to say where I see myself in the future. I have learned that no matter what our plan is that God has a plan of his own. I'm always in prayer about the next opportunity that he wants me to take. I recognize it when it presents it's self and that is the direction I go. In the near future I can see myself helping a variety of people on a larger scale. As a person with mental illness who has also been homeless I would love to branch into helping people who are trying to help the homeless and the mentally ill.